Monday, February 5, 2007


A trip to 'northern' Maine (quotes to emphasize that i could get to Paris France before I could get to the true north of Maine... it is one BIG state) had me thinking about good healthy dishes... Something that will fill me up and warm me up during this Artic-blast, while not leaving me ready for a siesta or reliving my freshmen 15.

Case in point -- the other day I was offered a choice of beef tips over mashers or polenta casserole for lunch. Perfect for a freezing cold snowy day, but less than perfect for making sure I get my doseage of good carbs.

I found one great solution at a restaurant in Camden. I thought this fell into Mari's quick and easy category. This recipe is a tribute to Dana who for as long as I have known her has eaten a spinach salad with feta and tomatoes every day for lunch. This variation was served warm:

Partially sautee a bag of baby spinach -- half the salad was still fresh greens the other was wilted.
Throw feta cheese into the pan and let it melt.
Add roasted red peppers, feta cheese, and pine nuts.
Serve as is, or add grilled chicken, perhaps even a grilled sausage, etc. I had grilled duck breast on mine -- not super easy but yummy all the same.

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mashenka@dc said...

Will definitely try this--both to diversify my salad repertoire as well as to warm things up. I was in Ann Arbor MI these last couple of days where the temperature was -20 Fahrenheit, and they had to shut schools down because they were worried that kids waiting for buses would get hypothermia. DC's +20 Fahrenheit today feels positively balmy!